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What are speech, language & communication needs?

There are over a million children in the UK with speech and language difficulties, and 1 in 10 children will experience a difficulty in communication skills, at some point in their childhood, for example:

Using effective attention and listening skills

Understanding words and sentences

Learning to talk

Putting words together into sentences

Using clear speech sounds


Understanding and using social rules

Some children are diagnosed with a specific condition such as a learning disability, developmental delay and/or autistic spectrum disorder, with concurrent SLCN

The Summer Hill Speech Therapy team have extensive experience across all areas of SLCN. There is a strong link between effective communication skills, emotional well-being and educational attainment.  Our goal is to enhance your child’s communication skills, to maximise their potential across all of these areas.

By 5 Years a child’s vocabulary will predict their educational success and outcomes at age 30

By 22 months a child’s language development can predict outcomes at age 26

A child’s narrative skills between the ages of 3-6 are a powerful predictor of literacy skills at 8-12 years

Facts taken from The Communication Trust and ICAN