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The Summer Hill Team

Beth Smith

Kirsty Finnegan

Beth Smith is a qualified paediatric Speech and Language Therapist. She has worked in the NHS for 3 and a half years and specialises in alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and complex needs. Beth is from the Worcestershire area, with experience working in Special Schools, Mainstream education and Early years. She is passionate about giving children a voice and supporting them and their families/carers on their therapy journey.  

Maddy Baker

Maddy Baker is our super talented Speech and Language Therapy Assistant. She is trained in the Picture Exchange Communication System and has completed the Enhanced Makaton signing course. Maddy has huge amounts of experience with children and adults on the Autistic Spectrum who also have Learning Disabilities. She enjoys supporting people to give them a voice and is a signing champion. Maddy is the queen of creating visual resources and can make almost anything on communicate in print.

Angharad Welch

Aimee Hall

Angharad Welch has been a Speech and Language Therapist for 15 years.  She worked in the NHS and various outside endeavours!  

She specialises in working with children with complex physical, developmental and medical needs.  But ultimately her main love is working with families around a wide range of communication needs.

Aimee Hall has recently joined our team as an additional Speech and Language Therapist and Early Years Specialist. Aimee is incredibly experienced, founding and managing an Outstanding setting in Worcester called Cherry Cabin Childcare. She loves working with families, supporting children as they reach those important early milestones.

Kirsty Finnegan is the Founder of and Lead Speech and Language Therapist at Summer Hill Speech Therapy. She has worked in the NHS and Independent sector for a decade across nurseries, schools and specialist settings, and she is passionate about helping children to achieve their best. She is trained in several approaches e.g. 'Black Sheep Press Narrative' and 'Using Stories to Build Bridges', and will ensure your child receives specific support, ensuring therapy is fun! Kirsty has worked full time in a school for two years as the Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, during which she delivered training to staff on a weekly basis and carried out joint therapy sessions, developing a co-teaching model.  

Kirsty specialises in ASD and preschool language delay; she has trained in Social Thinking, Intensive Interaction, SCERTs. She is also fluent in the Makaton sign language and has experience of using a range of low tech and high tech Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems.